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Glittering Harbour, Pearly Sails, and a Bonza Bondi – Top 3 Things to See in Sydney

What better subject to write about for my first post than my top 3 things to see in Sydney.

I was born on the North Shore of Sydney and, although I have lived for many years in the UK (and picked up a Scottish twang along the way), I will forever call Sydney home.

To me, the natural beauty of the harbour and the wonderful beaches along the shore line can never fade into the background of the man-made landscape that has risen all around them; some structures of which, of course, are iconic landmarks of their own. After all, you would be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t recognise the majestic sails of the Opera House?

So yes, it’s kinda cliche to start with this but I’m not going to ask for forgiveness because I love my birth city and it’s worth rambling about my top 3 things to see in Sydney.

Opera House

Probably the most photographed site in Sydney, The Opera House began construction in 1959.

It’s worth taking a guided tour: either a one hour tour or a two-hour backstage tour that includes breakfast (starting at 7am)

Opened by the Queen in 1973, the Opera House became an immediate icon for Australia’s new-found cultural independence.

Darling Harbour

The largest of Sydney’s modern developments, Darling Harbour is a tourists collection of shops and restaurants.

Visit the Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Exhibition Centre and Chinese Gardens along the way and this part of the City alone can be a full day out.

In the 1800s, Darling Harbour was known as the “back door” to Sydney, where most trading ships docked.

Bondi Beach

Bondi is undoubtedly the most famous of Sydney’s eastern beaches and is only a short bus or taxi ride from Paddington.

This really is a golden beach and a must-visit in the Summer months. The Bondi Pavilion opens up, selling ice creams and souvenirs.

If swimming in a pool is preferable to tackling the waves, then try out Bondi Icebergs Pool.

If you are in town on a Sunday, the Bondi Markets are worth a visit. Many young designers have been ‘discovered’ while selling their creations here.

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Enjoy a glimpse of Dawn Over Parramatta River, Sydney shot from Simmons Point

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