Exploring Australia one Ramble at a Time

Hi! Welcome to More Rambling

We decided to create this website to share our love of exploring Australia in the hope that it gives you inspiration to get out and about to enjoy this great land no matter how fit you are, how old you are or how time-capped you are.

We will feature lots of great content on the top places to visit as well as information on ease of access, accommodation, transport, gear we love and more.

Whether you’re a visitor to Australia or live here year round, we are sure there will be plenty of useful information to help you plan your next exploration.

Who Are We?

We are Karen and Rob. Both in our 50’s and love to call Australia home even though we both have lived many years in other countries (Karen in the UK and Rob in NZ).

We still have a couple of high school children to care for so we’re not quite yet ready to travel full time. In the meantime, we are discovering and exploring local places on long weekends and shorter holidays.

Rob is an avid photographer and time lapse videographer and Karen loves to transform favourite meals into keto/low-carb friendly versions of the real thing (even from a campervan, camp fire or camp kitchen)!

We want to share our passions (and our love of travel) on this website as well as the wonderful cultural mix and beautiful attractions we experience and hope that you will draw some laughs and inspiration from our posts.

Contact Us

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please use our contact form here. Let us know what you’d like to read about next or suggest where one of our next rambles should take us next.

Extra Note From Karen:

You Don’t Need to be Fit to Ramble!

I absolutely love reading blogs that share stories of climbing mountains and trekking through jungles, however, as much as Rob and I would love to give them a go, we are simply not fit and healthy enough.

In the year of starting this blog (2019), Rob and I have made a solid pact to improve our health; including losing weight and getting fitter. I have arthritic joints and we are both insulin resistant, so we now follow a low carb/keto dietary lifestyle as we find that this works best for both of us.

I’m enjoying the experience of adapting favourite meals to keto friendly versions that can be prepared in and out of the home and hunting for dining experiences that cater for our choice if we do decide to eat out.

Rob loves take beautiful photos and video and that, of course, means we need to get out and move more… which not only feeds our joy of travel, but gets us exercising naturally in fresh air, even if that means our knees creak our way from waterfalls to sea shores.

I hope you draw inspiration from our rambles (both verbal and physical) and it gives you the courage to get out and about and explore the world (or even your local backyard) no matter where you start from..

Happy Ramblings,


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Karen Thomson

We’re a couple in our 50s that love exploring Australia one ramble at a time. We also love to share what we discover as the best places to visit, stay and everything else you need to know for mature and mobility challenged travellers visiting and touring Australia!
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