I need to get this off my chest. It’s been bugging me for a while now. When Rob goes off on his photography rambles, especially those sea shore ones, it’s moi that’s left having to clean up the sandy, wet towel aftermath.

By the time he gets back to camp, the boot smells like a humid wet dog and I know I’m going to be cleaning sand out of the washing machine for days.

That’s why I was pretty stoked when Tesalate asked me to review one of their sand free beach towels. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at their statement of “Leave the beach at the beach” but I wasn’t going to miss this chance to prove them right or wrong!

So we put it to the test.

Tesalate Beach Towel Review


I’ll say upfront right now – this is the best travel towel we have ever used! Teselate offered us one for free to review but I’m not getting paid to write this and I don’t get any commission if you buy one. We honestly just love it!

Teselate invited me to choose a pattern from their wide catalogue selection and immediately, their “Awakening” design drew my attention. It goes so well with the colours of our More Rambling theme 😊

The reverse pattern on the towel is the Teselate black and white triangle design which is also striking. The one we tried measures 160cm by 80cm, so it is as long as our regular beach towels. The edges of the towel are bound in a thick protective stitch to prevent fraying and the Teselate logo sits proudly in the bottom corner. A logo anyone would be proud to show off.

The Tesalate Sand Free Beach Towel also comes with a lifetime guarantee


First impressions of Teselate Sand Free Beach Towel


The Tesalate team posted out the towel on the same day I ordered it and it arrived the next business day. The package was compact and light and I really couldn’t believe there was a full size towel inside.

On opening the package, I was delighted to find a drawstring carry bag containing the towel carefully wrapped in tissue paper and care instructions. It’s lovely little touches like this that tell you that a product is a cut above the rest.


Is the Teselate Towel Really Sand Free?


I could tell right away that the Tesalate Beach Towel would be very repellent to both sand and dirt because it doesn’t have the knitted fibre properties of your average beach towel to trap anything. Instead, it’s more like soft, flexible, one-piece waffle fabric.

It’s definitely not like other travel towels we’ve used. You know the ones, they have a creepy chamois feel that drag on the skin and make you feel icky. I’m very precious about how I feel after a shower!

What About When Wet?

I wasn’t so sure about what would happen when it got wet – so we put it to the test.

We were impressed by the result on four levels.

  • I dumped a pile of wet sand on the towel for a few minutes. It shook off right away
  • I doused it in around a litre of water, it repelled some and absorbed the rest
  • It was completely dry in around an hour in the sun
  • After a wash, it softened up even more and felt wonderful on the skin

‘Sand Free and Absorbent’ Claim Passed with flying colours!

Can the Teselate be Used as a Regular Household Towel?


Absolutely! As mentioned previously, after the first machine wash in cold water, the towel becomes really soft and pliable. It’s microfibre properties and lightness makes it the perfect towel to dry your hair or put it up in a turban. I used to hate washing my hair because of the length of time it took to deal with to get it dry.

My hair is naturally grey and very long, so rubbing with a normal towel means I end up in a huge tangle. With the Teselate towel, I wrap my hair for 5 minutes and it combs through after without a fight.

Teselate Towel on a Road Trip


The Teselate Towel is perfect for a road trip – useful in many circumstances. Because it dries so quickly, I’ve got no concerns about giving it a rinse through after a trip to the beach, knowing that it won’t take hours and hours before I can pack it away or use it again.

The beautiful designs mean that you can choose a pattern that works in your caravan as a protective throw. And if you are on a long drive in the heat, it’s great for wicking away moisture from your car seat and back.

Then it becomes the perfect towel to sit and have a picnic on, knowing you’re not going to have to bring the earth back with you.

After a shower, you can wrap it around your waist and use it as a sarong.

And because it is so small, it doesn’t take up the room like other towels. Saving you precious cabin space.

I’m not sure how we managed before!

The Verdict?


We are converts!

I highly recommend the Teselate Sand Free Beach Towel – but I’m sure you’ve guessed that already! Rob and I won’t be using anything else for our travels and day trips to the beach from now on. It saves so much time and hassle and is real value for money.

It’s the perfect gift for any outdoor lover in your life. There is a perfect size and design for everyone.


Where to Buy a Teselate Beach Towel


If this review has helped you make the decision to buy one for yourself (or a friend), head over to the Tesalate website to order your own.

If you’ve found this review helpful, I’d love if you could kindly share it on social media to get the word out!

Any questions or comments? Please add them to the comments box below.

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